Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

AMM Virtual Research Center Project

Technical Policy


Goals for electronic transcription formats include:

In furtherance of these goals, text materials will be maintained as XHTML1.1 -compliant files. Metadata will be embedded in the files, using the Dublin Core standard. CSS stylesheets will be used to format documents for screen and print. Images will be stored in jpg format.

Supplements markup may be added to the files, as time permits. This markup would indicate things like names, places, dates, events, page numbers, or chapter numbers. This supplemental markup could eventually be used, in conjunction with special-purpose scripts, to perform more complex analyses or cross-referencing of the materials.

Since this project began in the mid 1990's, before WWW standards were mature, many of the earlier files are still in older formats. An on-going (but low-priority) effort is being made to update these files.

Because users bookmark and reference files in this website, the URLs will be kept stable, and will not be changed without good reason. If a change is necessary, symbolic links will be used so that old URLs will continue to work for a period of time to allow references and links to be updated.