Introduction to Alex. Ross' Journal


Alexander Ross was the leader of the Hudson's Bay Company's 1824 trapping expedition into Snake Country. They traveled from Flathead House, to the mouth of Hell's Gate Canyon, thence south up the Bitter Root River to a prarie where they were snowbound for a month, now know as Ross' Hole. From there, they crossed Gibbon Pass into Big Hole, over to Lemhi valley and then spent the summer trapping streams of central Idaho.

A second part of Ross' Journal described the gathering of the Indian tribes on the Horse Prarie in Dec. 1824, and the outfitting of the 1825 Snake Country Expedition, to be led by Peter Skene Ogden.

Bibliographical Information

The original of this journal is (or was) in the possession of the Hudson's Bay Company.

This electronic version is taken from an article originally published in the Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. 14, p. 366 (Dec. 1913), T. C. Elliott, ed.

It is based on a partial transcription of the original made in 1905 by Miss Agnes C. Laut.


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