Introduction to James O. Pattie's Narrative

Pattie's Narrative describes his travels with a group of fur trappers overland from St. Louis to California, and back. This journey, begun in 1824, is only the second known overland expedition to California, after Jed Smith's trip. He traveled via a southern route, through Santa Fe and what is now Arizona.

Bibliographical Information

Author:      Pattie, James Ohio.
Editor:      Flint, Timothy
Title:       The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie, of Kentucky, 
             during an expedition from St. Louis, through the vast regions 
             between that place and the Pacific ocean, and thence back 
             through the city of Mexico to Vera Cruz, during journeyings 
             of six years; ...
Published:   John H. Wood. Cincinnati, 1831.
This electronic transcription is based on the 1831 edition.

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