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Instructions to Robert Evans

Fort Hall July 31st, 1834 as a gent and Partner of the Columbia River Fishing and Trading Co. I leave you the following instructions for your government during the time you may remain in charge of Fort Hall

Indian Tariff

For Robes and Beaver give the following articles for Elk skins and meat the same except the cloths, Blankets axes and large cut Beads

1 Bunch common beads cut
30 Loads Ammunition
20 Loads ammunition 1 Knife
20 Loads ammunition l0 Paper Vermillion
20 Loads Ammunition Bunch small Beads
20 Loads ammunition Small piece Tobacco
20 Loads ammunition 1/2 doz small Buttons
20 Loads ammunition 3 awls
20 loads ammunition gun worm 1 flint
1 Fathom largest cut Beads for Beaver or Robe
1 Common Blanket cost $4.25 for Beaver or Robe
1 Shirt for Beaver or Robe
1/2 yard Blue cloth for Beaver or Robe
1/2 yard Scarlet cloth for Beaver or Robe
Rifle 12 Beaver or Robes  Fuzil 8 Beaver or Robe

For Rats or Mink give the following Articles

Viz  2 Flints
     1 Gun worm
     1 Awl
     1 Fish hook
     2 Loads Ammunition
     1 Fire Steel for 3
     4 Bells for one

For good Upishemays, dressed Antelope and dear skins give ammunition only and trade only for good ones

10 loads ammunition and trade only good ones
5 loads ammunition for cords
12 "        "      for saddles each

For all unnamed articles fix a price at your own discretion but purchase none only you are oblidged.

Tariff for the Whites

The prices you will find in the Invoice and marked on the goods. Of the Whites you will trade only Beaver, Rats & Mink. Paying them as follows in goods
Viz  Beaver $6 pr. large skin or $5 pr lb.
     Rats 25 cents
     Mink 25 cents
Or cash $3.50 pr lb or $5 pr large skin

Small Beaver in proportion whether paid for in goods or cash