The Journal of a Fur-Trading Expedition

on the Upper Missouri


By John C. Luttig

Clerk of the Missouri Fur Company


Friday the 8th of May, I started from St. Louis to Bellefontaine 1 to meet the Boats bound up the Missouri River, arriving there at 1. o'clock P.M., took in Meal and Corn, arranged the Loading, and started at 3. o'clock, went about 4 Miles with a head wind.

Saturday the 9th head wind and strong Currents made very little way, at noon met Mr. Immel 2 with Boat coming from his winter quarters of the Sioux, this Morning Mr. Manuel Lisa came on Board at the Charbonnier 3 made about 5 miles distance.

Sunday the 10th, came too opposite 4 St. Charles 5 at noon Mr. Manuel Lisa crossed for some Men, rested all Day.

Monday the 11th Mr. Manuel Lisa & Choteau 6 came on Board at 9. o'clock A.M. took in some traps, and made the best of our way at 12. o'clock, having a head wind made very little distance.

Tuesday the 12th, head wind and strong Current, made not much Distance.

Wednesday the 13th, the same as yesterday.

Thursday the 14th, the same .. .. ..

Friday the 15th in the Morning about 8 o'clock - Mr. Majet 7, Patroon 8 of the large Boat fell over Board on account of a Log slamming against the Rudder, he saved himself by taking hold of the Rudder, and got on Board, both Rudder Irons broke and Lost, were detained to make a steering Oar, head wind all Day, sent some Irons on shore by Mr. Richardson 9, and camped at Burgois Creek 10.

Saturday the 16th, detained on Account of the Iron, which however came about 11 o'clock A.M., hard Rain and bad weather, fixed the Rudder and went about 2 Miles distance, Killed 1 Deer.

Sunday the 17th blowing very hard ahead and strong Current we had to stop for several hours, made sail, about 2 P.M., just at starting a Bear crossed the River towards us, Killed him close in shore, and found him very fat.

Monday 18th, still head wind the Rudder Irons of the little Boat broke, and had to lay by all Day. this Day Killed four Deer 2 Turkeys.

Tuesday 19th bad weather and head wind made about one mile all Day distance.

Wednesday 20, head wind and strong Current, made not much Distance.

Thursday, the 21. arrived at 11 o'clock A.M. at Cote sans Dessin 11, rested all Day. traded some Beaver, and took LaChapel 12 on Board.

Friday the 22d. started at 6 in the Morning with a favorable breeze, found the River more gentle, had fine weather. Killed two Deer and 1 Bear, made good head way.

Saturday, the 23d, fine weather & fair wind made about 25 miles distance. Killed 1 Deer.

Sunday, the 24th clear weather and fair wind made about 20 miles, and camped about 1 mile above the Widow Cole 13, Killed 1 Deer and 1 Bear.

Monday the 25th commenced with a thunder storm and hard Rain, cleared up about 11 A.M. with a fine fair wind, made about 27 Miles and Killed 1 Bear.

Tuesday the 26, hard Rain and squalls all Day made not much distance, killed 1 Bear 2 Turkeys.

Wednesday, the 27. bad weather and head wind again, killed two Deer, and not much distance.

Thursday, the 28, head wind and strong Current accompanied by heavy Squalls, LaChapel killed a fine female Bear, and 3 of her Cubs, and 1 Turkey, made only 5 miles this Day and camped at black snake Creek 14.

Friday the 29th departed at Day light, opposite the little Osage Island 15 we were obliged to stop on account of head wind and strong Current, arranged a new top Mast, went fishing with the Seine and caught 13 large fish 1 Turtle, the wind having somewhat abated we made way at 2 P.M. but still wind a heads, at the little Osage Prairie 16 we stopped for the little Boat which got around, met a shoal of Cat fish close in shore the Men who were Cordelling killed one with a stick which weighed after cleaning 40 lbs, went on a little way and found a small Run full of fish, the other Boat not having come up as yet we took our Seine and caught 161 Bass and other fish, which we salted, camped and killed 2 Deer.

Saturday, the 30th fine weather, but very hard water, swung 3 times at a point of a sandbar, the little Boat broke her Rudder Irons again, repaired at Dinner, Killed 2 Deer 1 Beaver 1 Pelican, made not much Distance.

Sunday the 31st fortune still ahead, strong currents and head winds were our Daily Companions, made no way. Killed 2 Deer and 1 Beaver.

Monday the 1st of June, hard wind a head with fine weather met 4 Batteaux going to St. Louis, a little above the Prairie du Feu 17 had to stop and make another top mast of Oak, the last one made of Hichberry was crooked and good for nothing, Killed 3 Deer 1 Bear.

Tuesday, the 2nd, the wind and weather the same as yesterday. Killed this Day 2 Deer and 1 fox, camped at fire Prairie Creek 18.

Wednesday the 3d fine weather and head wind and Current as usual at 10 A.M. arrived below fort Osage 19, saluted with 17 Guns which was politely returned by the Commander Capt Climson 20, on arrival were invited to Capt Climson, who treated us very handsomly, discharged our freight for this place and arranged our Cargoes, had a present made of Ice, which regaled us exceedingly.

Thursday the 4th started after breakfast, about 9 A.M. met several Perogues coming from their Winter quarters, Mess fr Robideau 21, La Jeuness 22 & others, Louis Bijou 23 embarked with us, as also two hunters embarked at fort Osage Greenwood 24 & Laurison 25 Immel went back to the fort for his dog and on his Return in formed of the party going to Santa fe 26 he met this Day at the fort. strong Current, made 9 Miles Distance.

Friday the 5th wind and Current as usual. fine weather made about 12 miles distance Killed 1 Deer.

Saturday 6th the same wind & Current, Killed 3 Bear the 3 Deer 1 Turkey camped opposite Cansas River 27 distance 15 Miles.

Sunday the 7th a fine morning, in the afternoon cloudy and distant Thunder, Killed 2 Deer, made 16 Miles distance, camped 4 Miles above little Platte River 28.

Monday 8th fine weather, at 8 A.M. a fair Breeze sprung up though feeble, we made 18 Miles distance, Killed 3 Deer 3 Bear, caught 17 fish, camped 2 Miles below the old Cansas Village 29.

Tuesday 9th headwind again, strong Current, made only 9 Miles distance this Day, Killed 6 Deer.

Wednesday 10th, fine weather, had a small Breeze in our favor, Killed nothing today, distance made, 19 Miles.

Thursday the 11th fine weather head wind but still, all hunters out, passed the upper old Cansas Village, Killed 7 Deer, distance 15 Miles.

Friday the 12th, fine weather, made good way cordelling the wind all Day against us, distance 21 Miles camped on a large Sandbar where we found a quantity of turtle Eggs, this Day lost one of our Swivels when swinging round and run against the other Boat, Killed 3 Deer, 2 Turkeys.

Saturday the 13 the fine weather and head wind, this Day had bad luck, crossing for some of our Hunters we came in hard water, and cordelling on a Prairie encountered many Rafts, after having passed we dined 2 Miles above the Prairie 30. Mr. Manuel L. put our 2 Hogs in the River to wash but they swam off, we were obliged to turn about and followed them several Miles, after two Attempts we caught them, turning a rocky point we had hard work,. the little Boat which was a head swung round and went off like lightning, the Cordells broke, and we were obliged to put the hands of both Boats to one to mount distance 12 Miles killed 5 Deer 1 Racoon,.

Sunday the 14th fine weather, but head wind, passed the Nabowa River 31 at noon, camped 8 Miles above made 16 Miles distance and had this Day 4 Deer Killed gathered about 100 turtle Eggs.

Monday 15th about one o'clock this Morning it began to blow furiously, were obliged to put out our fires, the wind blowing form all quarters, a clear Sky, finished our cooking in the Morning at 6 in the Morning went miles but were stopt by hard head wind and Current crossed the River to find some Hickory for making an Axe handles and Ramrods, but were disappointed, crossed again and sopped till 5 P.M. started about 1 Mile took the Cordell the Boat swung and went down the River like the Wind in full speed, leaving all hands on shore, the few which were on Board landed the Boat opposite to our last nights Lodgings, our hands came on board made a new start, but night overtook us, got on a sandbar and were very near lost running against a Sawyer 32 had to cross again to the North Side, the other Boat came to close swept by the Current we unshipped our Rudder, run against a tree and broke her mast, this ended this dolefull Day camped at 11 o'clock at night distance 1 Mile, left our hunters on the opposite side Killed 1 Deer, wind N.W. fresh Gales.

Tuesday the 16, hard wind from N.W., went about 1 Mile in the Morning when we had to stop, all hands went out to gather wood for Axe helms, Ramrods and a new Mast, and Game, the first was found but no meat, our hunters on the opposite Side had also been unsuccessful, and crossed the River on a Raft, facing wind and Current about 6 Miles swimming. Killed 1 Deer.

Wednesday 17th wind still a head, but abated, made this Day 16 Miles, Killed 3 Deer, when camped a fair breeze sprung up.

Thursday the 18th at 3 o'clock in the Morning a heavy Thunder storm, at starting we had a fair wind which however lasted not long, had to try oars. Poles & cordells all Day, pass the Nimohar River 33 at 11 A.M. dined at Wolf River 34, and camped on a Sand Bar, made 16 miles distance Killed 3 Deer.

Friday, the 19th During Night blew very hard until 6 in the morning, we stopped for some time having head wind and strong Current, the River high, made this Day about 15 Miles distance by hard work. Killed nothing, allthough 7 hunters out of Boats.

Saturday, 20th, hard Gales all night, in the Morning cloudy with some flaws of wind in our favor, about 8 A.M. the wind increased, and we sailed at intervals very fast, until 2 P.M. when Thunder storm attended with a hard rain arose. this Day at 10 A.M. passed Ichinipokins River 35 at the North Side, at 7 P.M. little Mahonir River 36 on the South Side, -- made about 20 Miles distance, Killed 2 Deer, Game scarce.

Sunday, the 21st fine weather with head wind and Currents, all hunters out, on the Island Beaux Soleil 37. Killed 2 Deer 3 Bear, 1 Turkey, 1 Rabbitt the hunters on the Prairies killed nothing, distance about 15 Miles, camped 1 Mile above the Island.

Monday, the 22d, cloudy had now and then some Sailing, the River still rising and strong Currents, at 4 P.M. a thunder storm arose which raged furiously, the huricane swayed the trees every where luckily we got under some Willows and lay safe, were obliged to Camp, distance 10 Miles, Killed 1 Deer, 1 Turkey.

Tuesday the 23d started at Day light as usual, passed Le Cote grand Brule 38, opposite the head of, we had to stop to make a new top Mast for the other Boat. fine weather, Current very hard, River still rising, distance 14 Miles, Killed 3 Deer.

Wednesday, the 24th, St. John 39, started at 3 in the Morning with fair wind, but had not come 1/4 Mile when the Wind changed ahead, worked hard against the Current, very warm and clear, made only 9 Miles in 14 hours distance Killed 1 Deer 2 Turkey, 2 Racoons, found plenty fresh tracks of Elk.

Thursday, the 25th This Morning a fine breeze sprung up and we had sailing all Day, but by the Mismanagement of the Patron of the little Boat were detained several times we camped before Sunset to let the little Boat come up with us, about dark we heard a Gun, but she did not come to our Camp, the wind blew fresh all night made about 15 Miles distance.

Friday the 26th at 2 o'clock 25 Minutes in the Morning we turned about to look for the little Boat and found her safe 1 Mile below our Camp, we set sail, and went pretty well till Sunrise, when the Wind failed, very strong Current, and hard work to gain way, at 7 A.M. Baptiste Latouipe 40 of St. Louis, fell over Board and never seen again, the two Boats being close together, he could not rise, or was entangled by the Roots of a large tree, which he was going to strike with his Pole. -- made River Platte 41 at 11 A.M., dined and weather very hot, remained three hours, at 3 P.M. passed River Papillion 42 made 12 Miles distance, Killed 1 Deer.

Saturday, the 27th departed as usual and the Water not so strong as below, the River Platte, this Morning passed Mosquito River 43, distance 20 Miles, Killed 4 Deer 1 Goose.

Sunday the 28th, made pretty good way in the Morning but about 10 A.M. the Rudder stay broke of the little Boat we were obliged to cross the River to find a place to unload her, and make a steering Oar, which took up all Day. distance 6 Miles, Killed 1 Deer.

Monday the 29th This Day had at Intervals some sailing the River crooked as a zick zack, passed River Boje 44 at 9 A.M. point Jacques 45 at 2 P.M. and council Bluff 46 at 4 P.M. distance 20 Miles, Killed 1 Deer.

Tuesday, the 30th fine weather and sailing we pushed on very well, and would have made considerable way if it had not been for the other Boat, were obliged to stop to make another steering Oar for her, during which time our hunters killed 3 Deer, distance 27 Miles.

Wednesday, the 1 of July. fine weather and fine sailing at 3 P.M. passed Soldier River 47, Missouri very crooked, no hunters out, distance 34 Miles, saw some Elk.

Thursday the 2d fine weather head wind but good water made good way, cordelling all Day, camped at the Mouth of the little Sioux River 48, distance 23 Miles, Killed 4 Deer 1 Duck.

Friday. the 3d of July. fine weather and light favorable Winds in the forenoon., at 1 P.M. passed Coup Loysele 49, distance 18 Miles.

Saturday the 4th of July., we had ourselves prepared to salute the Day, which gave Birth to the Independence of the United States, but a Salute from Heaven prevented us, a thunder storm arose at 2 in the Morning and the Bank of the River where we camped fell in upon us momentarily. Mr Manuel was nearly drowned in his Bed, and we had run off., rowing and poling all Day, about Sunset a favorable wind sprung up and carried us several Miles, were obliged to leave a large Buck and an Elk which our Hunters had Killed behind, camped at Black Birds Hill 50, distance 15 Miles.

Sunday the 5th fine weather at 8 A.M. came to a Channel which we entered, in hopes to go through, to cut off 6 -- Leagues of the River, but were disappointed, having ascended within 150 yards toward the head of it, the Water became so rapid as to endanger out Boat to sink, we returned with Difficulty, at a little Distance found another, which was also tried, but to our Sorrow found not Water enough at the head and returned took the old Route, and were stopped at 5 P.M. by a Thunderstorm, distance 15 Miles.

Monday the 6th rained very hard last night, cleared up and we made best or our way at 4 o'clock in the Morning had a few Squalls and rain, at 8 A.M. a fair wind arose and had fine sailing for several hours, the River very crooked had to row at times, at 2;30 P.M. passed Mohaw River 52, and opposite the Village at 4 P.M. 2 Men went to see of any Indians were there, they returned not being able to get to the Village on account of swamp and musquitos, camped on a Sand bar, distance 30 Miles.

Tuesday, 7th started at Day break, cloudy, head wind and rain, in the afternoon passed Floyds River 53, Sun River 54 and at dark Big Sioux River 55, distance 18 Miles.

Wednesday the 8, Head wind and Rain, hard work all day toward Evening had some sailing on a Sand bar 56, Musquitos in Clouds. distance 18 Miles, Killed 1 Deer.

Thursday the 9th departed early, took a Channel which we found shut up, and lost the Morning, at Dinner several Hunters went out to make fires to give Notice to the Indians of our approch, passed a small River named Iowa 57, in the afternoon had fine sailing, distance 24 Miles, Killed 1 Deer.

Friday the 10th Had wind and stronger Current all Day. the River very high, left 5 Hunters on shore, - distance 10 Miles Killed 1 Deer.

Saturday the 11, Rain & cloudy Morning, at 8 A.M. cleared up with a fair wind, took in our hunters, set sail, at noon waited one Hour for the little Boat passed Vermillion River 58 on the North side and at 5 P.M. the River Arck 59 on the South side waited for the little Boat and had to camp before Sunset to let her come up with us, lost some elegant sailing on her account distance 33 Miles.

Sunday, the 12th, set sail early in the Morning and by all appearances were to make a good Days Journey, but the other Boat not keeping up with us we were obliged to wait several hours for her, and lost considerable in making way, the wind changing at noon, at 8 A.M. passed River Jacques 60, Missouri still high, distance 18 Miles.

Monday the 13th, head wind and hard Current, rowed, poled and cordelled all Day, several hunters went out returned at 4 P.M., no game but had seen many fresh track of elk, waited 2 hours for the other Boat at 5 P.M. made Island of Bonhomme 61 and Ponca 62 Country we had flattered ourselves to meet some Indians of Buffaloe but were dissappointed, by this time we had passed the Countries of the following Nations, Little and Big Osage 63, Mahas 64, Otoes 65, Yenctons 66, & Kanzas, this Morning Immel & Lorimier 67 went a head by land, all hunters went on the Island, Killed but 1 Elk, two of them camped on the N. Side and Boats on the South Side of the Island, distance 18 Miles.

Tuesday, the 14th fine weather head wind and hard water at 7 A.M. took in our hunters they had killed 1 Elk 1 Deer. had to stop again at 9 A.M. to arrange another Mast for the other Boat and fix the old Rudder, crossed the River where we found some fine Cedar for the Purpose, stayed all day unloaded and loaded, put up the Mast and Rudder, camped and made this Day 4 Miles distance Killed 1 Deer.

Wednesday July 15th, made an early start and good way at 9 A.M. met the Company Boat coming from the Rees 68 with Peltries, Papin 69 and Men. Mr Manuel Lisa thought proper to take her back a gain having not sufficent Loading to defray the expense, passed River Luipere 70 and another small River 71, in the afternoon Squalls and Rain, camped 3 Miles below Liquicourt River 72, a distance 16 Miles.

Thursday 16 July, rained all night, and cleared up Sunrise at 8 A.M. passed Leauquicour River very high and full. Mess. Sanguinett 73 & Bijou went out to make fires as we expected the Indians soon to meet, camped opposite an Island 74 not far from Poca River, distance 18 Miles Killed 1 Deer.

Friday the 17, a fine Morning the Mackina Boat took 5 hunters to the Island and we continued our Route passed Ponca River 75, cordelling on the South Side along the Hills till Dinner; the Boat came up and brought 1 Deer 1 Beaver cordelled all Afternoon distance 17 Miles.

Saturday 18, cloudy about 8 A.M. a fine favorable wind took us and we had good sailing untill 2 o'clock P.M. when we discovered 3 Lodges of Sioux Indians 76 and found Mr. Immel & Lorimier, the Chief of them, LeNez 77 traded with us 32 Beaver 3 otter 2 Robes bufflao 3 Bladders of tallow and upwards of 300 lbs. of dried neat. camped 1 Mile above them, killed 1 Deer distance 24 Miles.

Sunday the 19th fine Morning about 7 A.M. we took in 2 Sioux who had been hunting, belonging to a band on white River 78, gave us a buffaloe tounge and stayed on Board all Day, our hunters went in search of Buffaloe but found none, passed Little Cedar Island 79 distance 18 Miles.

Monday the 20, set sail at 4 in the Morning with a fine wind the Indians left us, sailed till 10 A.M. when the wind changed and blew hard a head, at 4 P.M. met with Sioux Chief called the Sleeper 80 and 20 Soldier had some talk and camped with them, distance 15 Miles.

Tuesday the 21, departed at Sunrise as also the Indians we stopped at a small River 81 where 4 Sioux Chiefs came to us, the Black Sky, Black Buffaloe 82 Big Horse 83 and Crooked hand 84 we had Counsol and they informed Mr. Manuel Lisa, that at present they had nothing to trade, but would have plenty next fall Immel went with them to their Village, 3 Chiefs and 2 young Man remained to fix on a spot for a trading house they went with us across the River to the Northside 1 Mile below where we camped, laid out the house for Mr. Bijou 85 who was to remain to trade with the Yentonas, Tatons 86 Shaunee 87 Mr Manuel present presented the Chief with 10 Carrots of Tobacco and some Powder and Ball they were seemingly well contented, Killed 1 Buffaloe and the Indians brought also some fresh Meat.

Wednesday the 22d rose early, all hands except some lazy Rascals under pretence of being sick went to work. -- at 3 P.M. Mr. Immel returned with 2 young Indians, the Chief Black Sky had presented him a horse, he reported the Chiefs and warriors would be with us to morrow -- he found upwards of 400 Lodges and plenty of Buffaloe in the Morning when he started from there he saw several Buffaloe enter in the Village, this Day raised part of the house, Killed 1 Deer, caught several Catfish and 1 Beaver.

Thursday the 23, early to work, but unfortunately the house fell down when nearly raised, and had to go over the same work, catched 7 fine fish in the forenoon which provided a fine Dinner, at 5 P.M. a party of Indians came opposite which we crossed and found them to be all Boys about 30 in Number they came to give us a Dance, they were all neat and handsome clothed, more so then I saw the Sioux of the Mississippi, in the Evening they danced and we gave them some Biscuit hardtack and 1 Carrot Tobacco they bought plenty Meat with them and gave plenty to the Boats.

Friday the 24th finished the house, in the afternoon sent Mr. Bijou, Equipment on shore, the Indians went over the River, and Mr. Manuel Lisa gave the Chief black Buffaloe the present from Government as also for crooked hand which Chief had promised to come over but did not come, he left it with Mr. Bijou to be given to him whenever he would arrive there left 2 hunters and 3 Engagees with Bijou, discharged Bapt. Alar 88 a good for nothing fellow.

Saturday the 25, set sail at 4 in the Morning, fair wind took 6 Indians with us which we landed and stood under sail till 11 A.M. when we took the Cordell for about 1 hour dined, and set sail again, passed white River at 2 P.M. the slakening about 4 P.M. we took the Cordell again, Mr. Manuels Negro Boy Charles went out the Boat to get some grass or grasshoppers for a Prairie Dog which he had caught some days ago, he the Boy went upon the Hills unperceived, they are very high he fell down a precipe overhanging rock, precipice into the River, the Man who was steering the Mackina Boat saw it , and cried out to Mr. Lewis who was walking in the Rear of the Boats to save the Boy but Mr. Lewis 89 unfortunately did not understand the men however saw something strugling in the water, but thought the Boy was a swimming, when the Men came towards him, they went to find the Boy, alas he was gone, he must have been stunned by the fall or otherwise would have saved himself, the River was not 4 feet deep, he drowned at 5 o'clock P.M. we searched for him some time but the Current had swept him off, cordelled a little way, crossed to an Island, set out 3 hunters, at sunset the Wind fair, set sail, took in our hunters, camped on a Sand bar the wind blowing fresh all night distance 30 Miles.

Sunday the 26, set sail at 3 in the Morning, at 8 A.M. Immel & Queenville 90 went out to hunt and to visit his house were he lived last Winter 91, we came up with the house very fast stopped a few Minutes the wind fresh in our favor, took in Immel, Queenville had run after some Buffaloe, we pretty fast and were obliged to stop for Queenville, who was far behind we gave him signal, and embarked him, he had Killed 1 Buffaloe but we left the Meat, taking care of the wind at 1 P.M. made Big Bend 92, camped on the North Side. -- Distance 36 Miles.

Monday the 27th departed at 4 in the Morning a fresh wind sprung up and carried us out of the Bend, the wind slackening we had to take to our Oars, at 8 A.M. we set sail again and sailed till 11 A.M. after Dinner Immel Lorimier and Greenwood went out the Boat to go by Land to the Rees. cordelled all afternoon, and camped at the point of Cedar Island 93, distance 21 Miles. Killed 1 Deer.

Tuesday the 28, set sail with a favorable wind at 3:30 minutes in the Morning, but the wind falling had to take to cordelling, last night caught 3 Beavers, Killed Cabri 2 Elks, distance 18 Miles

Wednesday the 29th head wind and clear, cordelling all Day at 4 P.M. passed little Missouri River, Killed 1 Buffaloe 2 Deer 1 Badger, distance 21 Miles

Thursday the 30th fine weather but head wind, had to cordell all Day saw a band of about 50 to 60 Elk, 3 of them close to us in the River, but had no Luck to Kill the Mackina Boat was gone a head with the hunters and did not come to our Camp that night, distance 18 Miles.

Friday the 31st departed early cloudy and head wind cordelled all Morning at 7 A.M. met the Mackina Boat they had Killed 2 Dear and 1 fawn, crossed the River after Breakfast the wind becoming very hard made very little way. Killed 1 Buffaloe 4 Deer, distance 12 Miles. This Morning we left our old she Cat at Camp, at breakfast I missed her, and Mr Manuel sent a Man for the Cat, he returned in the Evening with the Cat to our great satisfaction this Remark may seem rediculous, but an Animal of this kind, is more valuable the this Country than a fine Horse. Mice are in great Abundance and the Company have lost for want of Cats, several Thousand Dollars in Merchandie, which were destroyed at the Bigbellies station, there has not a night passed since our departure from Belefountaine where I got that Cat, that she has not caught from 4 to 10 Mice and brought them to her Kittens.

Saturday the 1st of August last night caught 2 young Beaver, cordelled all Morning, still and very little Current at 10:15 A.M. passed Chajenne River 96 very low at this time saw several Buffaloe, chased, but without Success, crossed the River, and cordelled along the Bluffs, at Dinner we stopped at some Bluffs above Chajenne River about 4 Miles, where I found plenty of Iron Ore, and somewhat higher up signs of Saltpeter. Distance 18 Miles Killed 2 Deer.

Sunday the 2d some Rain fell last night, cloudy in the Morning, 6 A.M. cordelling the little Boat joined us, they had meat of 3 Buffaloes, one Cow they found wounded with an Arrow, she came into their Camp. Distance 18 Miles Killed 1 Deer.

Monday the 3 at 2 A.M. a Canoe with Garrow 97, the Interpreter, 2 Engagees and Goshe 98 a Ree Chief came to us, they brought some Corn and a Letter from Immel at noon passing along a Bottom, we found a Mocassin tied to a tree in which we also found a Letter from Immel informing us they were well and would be at the Rees from thence in One Dat. Distance 21 Miles, Killed 5 Deer.

Tuesday the 4th headwind as usual, cordelling out Hunters went out this Morning and at dinner brought 3 Deer 1 Buffaloe 4 Ducks, passed Mauro River 99, in the afternoon Killed 1 very large Buck. at 5 P.M. a heavy storm arose and we had to lay by. at 6 P.M. 2 Skin Canoes met us, with Lorimier, Greenwood, Dougherty 100 and Weir 101, it continued raining and we were obliged to Camp. Distance 15 Miles.

Wednesday the 5th cleared up in the Morning and we went on Cordelling, but the good Luck they got fast 3 times, at Dinner our hunters brought 1 large Cabri and 2 Deer very fat, 1 Goose, pursued our Voyage and at 5 P.M. met 3 more hunters of the Company from the Rees, camped 3 miles below the Grand River 102. --

Thursday 6th at 6 A.M. passed Grand River, Mr. M. Lisa had intended to build a fort here, but finding the Situation not eligible for a Fort, moved on and camped about 12 Miles below the Rees. Distance 15 Miles.

Friday the 7th has a little Wind in favor set sail and at 12 o'clock M. arrived at fort 103, all Indians in Motion to a Number of about 1200 souls, Mr. Manuel L could not immediately go on shore, as he had his Leg strained this Morning when Jumping out of the Boat, and got very Lame, a horse was procured and he went to the Village and held Council with the Principal Chiefs did not come to Council and Jealousy reigned among them, about 2 P.M. the Women and Children who were about our Boats were called away to the Village, and in a few Minutes the Coast was clear, this was not a friendly Signal, and we prepared for the worst, after Dinner Mr M.L. -- resolved to go to the Fort, he went with 10 armed Men and sent for the Chiefs to explain their Conduct. when it appeared that Goshe had received his presents and they not, and further complained on Account of the Merchandize to be taken away from them to trade Mr. M. L., came to an absolution and they gave up, they were satisfied to have a Fort built at their Village about 12 Miles distance 104. La Plume 105 the Chief of the 2d Village received his Present and harmonie was restored, they traded some in the afternoon loaded the Peltries ect... ect... and prepared for Morning, set a Volunteer Guard, though guarded, the Indians would pilfer every thing they could lay their hands on.

Saturday the 8th started early without trouble, several went by Land as also some Indians, Goshe and La Plume overtook us at noon, in order to stop us and not go too high from their Village 106, but the Place where we were did not answer for our purpose pursued our Route, the Chiefs went back seemingly displeased, camped 12 Miles above the Village, last night had our 2 Cats stolen.

Sunday the 9th of August started early and at 7 A.M. arrived at a beautifull Prairie Bluff with several Bottoms of fine timber around, made Arrangment for our Camp and in the afternoon discharged the Boats, every Men happy to have come thus far of our Voyage 107.

Monday the 10th sent out one Boat across the River with hands to cut timber for a Blacksmith Shop and Provision house all hands employed to fix a temporary Camp.

Tuesday the 11th, no news from the Village untill noon when our Interpreter Garrow and a Soldier arrived, every thing quiet, they reported that a Shuking Big Belly entered the Village at dark yesterday and Killed 1 Ree.

Wednesday the 12, were informed a war party had gone on, to fight the Bigbellies 108.

Thursday the 13th, Mr. M. Lisa had resolved to go up with a party to the Bigbellies to arrange Matters with them and bring down the Peltries, the Bigbellies having 2 hunters and stole 26 Company horses, as also detained the Trader they had with them, he accordingly went this Morning at 8 o'clock and 26 Men with him. At 10 P.M. 60 Rees composing a War party arrived they requested something to eat, our hunters had just come in with 3 Buffaloes and 1 Deer, we gave them some Meat, and ferried them across the River, this Day cut timber for different Buildings, at the same time the Rees were crossing the River 8 canoes move in sight coming down with Meat, the Men in the Canoes saw so many Indians crossing, took the terrors put their Canoes on shore and run off, both parties thinking they were Enemies, as soon as the war party arrived on the other they gave the Halloo and run in full Speed to the Canoes. finding nobody and seeing the Canoes belonging to their own Nation, they took some Meat and without searching for their friends went off, 2 hours afterwards 2 Indians appeared and ventured to come over to our side, on arrival we found them to be 2 Squaws the Men consisting of 2 Rees, 2 Panis 109, 2 Chayenne 110, had run off, and left every thing behind them.

Friday the 14th This Morning at one o'clock were alarmed by the firing of a Gun, and heard the Dashing of Oars when to our Surprize we saw Mr. Manuel & party returning he having been informed by one of those Cowards who had run off from the Canoes, that all the white men were Killed and that the Indians had crossed the River in our Boat to Kill them also, supposed by the Sioux, Mr. M.L. alarmed on this Account returned immediately to Camp, finding however to his great Satisfaction the History of the Indian false, he remained till breakfast and pursued his first Intentions, last night about 40 Indians camped with us they were gathering Cherries and other fruits about the Country finished the Blacksmith shop and Provission house, caught 8 fine Cat fish.

Saturday the 15th This Morning cloudy, some hunters went out, no Meat at home, caught 8 Cat fish, Rain at intervals.

Sunday the 16th hard Rain last night, cleared up in the Morning and all hands went for timber, at 5 P.M. our hunters returned with Meat they had Killed 11 Buffaloe, caught 11 Cat fish, and Killed 11 Ducks.

Monday the 17th, clear, all hands cutting timber and making Hay, caught 15 fish, and Killed 15 Ducks.

Tuesday the 18th all hands employed as yesterday. 2 Hunters went out for Buffaloe, caught 4 fish.

Wednesday the 19. the hands employed in Work as yesterday at noon our hunters came in with Meat for 2 Cows. Killed 10 Ducks.

Thursday the 20, North wind & cold, cloudy in the forenoon hands at work as yesterday, fine afternoon Mr. Lewis caught a Prairie Dog, caught 4 fish, Killed 1 Pheasent.

Friday the 21st, clear and hard wind, still at work cutting timber and making hay. Killed 6 Ducks. Mr Lewis's Prairie Dog was nearly Killed by one of our Dog who broke the Chain and run off with him.

Saturday the 22d, clear and windy, the same Work going on. at noon Goehe and Nez Corbain 111 a Yentonas Chief arrived with four Sioux, at 6 P.M. our hunters came in with Meat of 5 Cows. This Day blew a very hard Gale from the South west. Killed 28 Plover and 4 Ducks.

Sunday the 23d, clear wind west N. west, the same work, at noon La Plume paid us a Visit, dried some Meat very warm.

Monday the 24th clear, wind west, 3 hunters went out being informed the Buffaloe was near by a party of Indians which had been hunting at 10 A.M. 12 Canoes arrived with meat they made a present of 18 Tongues and went off at noon caught 10 fish.

Tuesday the 25th cloudy and disagreeable, hands at work as usual.

Wednesday the 26, cloudy and cold, at 7 A.M. Mr. Manuel Lisa returned with part of the Men from his expedition, the Rest of the Men were coming by Land with the horses he traded and given up by the Bigbellies, the Chief Brone 112 refused to give up the stolen horses, Mr. Manuel cleared the trading of peltrie and Goods and took off the whites, at 11 P.M. Gray Eye 113 Ree Chief, arrived with 100 Men from a war tour, they had not Killed nor even seeing Enemy, in the Evening a larger Party passed by with two Scalps which they carried before then in triumph at dark some more arrived and camped with us.

Thursday 27, clear and fresh, the Big white 114 Mandan Chief arrived, with several of his Bravos and family, to pay a visit, he had a few Robes which he traded, and took some articles on Credit, at noon Nez Corbain came again to receive a Present from Mr. Manuel Lisa and as soon as received for the Village.

Friday the 28, clear and the house fur trade was commenced made 36 Packs 115 of different Peltries and prepared the Boat which had to go to St. Louis,

Saturday the 29th, clear, this Morning the Men which came by Land from the Bigbellies arrived with the horses, they had met with no Accident, they informed that the Mandan 116 had made a Hunt and Killed on One Day 450 Buffaloe, employed in -- setting Accounts and writing, at 5 P.M. out hunters brought in the Meat of 5 Cows.

Sunday the 30th clear, at 10 A.M. the Boat started for St. Louis 117 with 13 Men, several others went to the Ree Village to purchase Corn and Skins for covering of the Boat, in the evening they returned and had only succeeded to buy two Bushels of Corn and 8 Hides, the Indians not being willing to trade.

Monday the 31st cloudy and hard wind from the S.W. -- made up an assortment to go to the Mandan and purchase Horses for the parties going up River.

Tuesday Sept. 1, cloudy and heavy Squalls, four Men went to the Men to buy horses, made a fish trap of willows, and caught 31 Cat fish, hunters went out this Morning, and returned in the Evening had Killed 11 Cow.

Sept. 2d Wednesday hard Gales from N.W. La Plume came to Camp, the wind abated about Sun set cloudy and cold.

Thursday Sept. 3. clear and warm, caught 6 fish very large.

Friday Sept. 4 nothing remarkable, cloudy and cold.

Saturday 5 the same " " " " " .

Sunday 6 the same " " " " ".

Monday 7 moved in the new house and begun to make Equipments for the Parties going up the Missouri.

Tuesday 8 finished Equipments, Killed 14 Ducks.

Wednesday 9 our hunter brought Meat of 9 Buffaloe, were informed the Sioux and Rees had fought a Battle 2 Sioux Killed 3 Rees wounded.

Thursday 10 clear and warm, the Gray Eye Chief and 3 Men arrived from a Scout.

Friday the 11th early rise, the parties prepared to start. Mr Sanguinette and 2 Men with 5 horses for the Spanish waters 118 Mr. Lorimier and four for the Wind River 119, Mr. Lewis, two engagees and the trappers for the little Horn 120 in all 18 Men, at noon a Sioux Chief arrived to have a talk with Mr. M. L. and 9 Men with him, cloudy & rain we traded some dry meat and 1 Robe.

Saturday the 12, the Sioux started this Morning, as also Mercier 121, LaChapel, and Carriere 122 for their fall hunt down the Missouri, Killed 14 Ducks.

Sunday the 13th fine weather, began to hawl stone for Chimneys our hunters went out, finished the Store caught 15 large fish.

Monday the 14 last Night a Ree Chief Legross 123, came to fore with his Wife he was lamenting the Death of one of his Children which had died 2 Days ago, Mr. Manuel covered the Dead Child, Legross being a good Indian, this morning had 22 fish fine warn weather, our hunters returned with 6 Cows and the pleasing news of plenty in the prairies.

Tuesday the 15, moved in the Store, took and Inventory caught 8 fish, warm and clear.

Wednesday the 16 fine weather nothing remarkable.

Thursday the 17 the Wind blew heavy from the N.W., about 6 A.M. the Men who went to get the Horses, came back and told the sad news that 5 Indians, supposing Grosventers had mounted the horses in their Sight and rode them off. 7 in Number, Charbonneau 124 who was on horse back came in full speed to the fort and cried out; TO ARMS, Lecomte 125 is Killed, the run off and left the poor fellow, that Indians spoke to Lecomte and they told him to go about his business he ask them what Nation they were, they answered Crows 126 if the Indians had an Idea to kill him they might easy have done it, 10 armed Men went immediatly after them but returned without Success they saw them no more, a cloudy Day and cold.

Friday the 18 disagreable weather, the wife of Elie 127 a Snake Squaw died, made a Wolf trap and raised the Mens house.

Saturday the 19th Charbanneau and Jessaume departed for to go to the Bigbellies, to try to get the horses Bijou arrived from his Station with 10 Sioux, Saunie 128 to make peace with the Rees, as Mr. M. L. had proposed, at 2 P.M. our hunters brought in 3 Elk fine Evening.

Sunday the 20th a clear but cold Morning 2 Rees arrived in search of a Women which had run off, after Breakfast Immel had 4 Men went hunting, in the afternoon Goshe and 3 Men arrived he seemed not much pleased with the Sioux, they harangued much this Evening, and to Morrow was fixed to smoke and made Peace.

Monday 21st fine weather and warm, one of the Warriors of the Sioux after having talked a little mixed whisky, pretended to be drunk, and cut Capers about like a mad Man, which determined the Business with the Rees, it was resolved that the Sioux should de part in the Evening unseen by the other Indians which might hurt them, they spent the Day agreable together and at 8 o'clock in the Evening they crossed the River, accompanied by a few Presents. Bijou who was to go by water found the Canoes not good and remained.

Tuesday the 22d fine warm weather and clear Bijou loaded his Canoe and went down the River with Manegre 129, at 10 A.M. Goshe and party also started and Immel came home with 1 Elk and 2 Deer very fat he found no Buffaloes traded 2 horses, in the Evening a Ree and 2 Women to trade a horse.

Wednesday the 23 fine clear weather, set 2 hens with 22 Eggs, traded the horse in the Evening another arrived to trade a horse and also his Wife, a handsome Squaw he found trade for the horse but not for the Wife, a Mandan arrived, no news from above.

Thursday the 24th fine warm weather for the Season traded some Corn the Indians went to the Village, Immel and 3 men went hunting took 10 traps and 7 Horses with him, in the evening Nez Corbain and 50 Men of the Yentonas arrived.

Friday 25th, Rain and windy traded some Meat with the Indians, after dinner they brought in their Plunder for trade and we traded several Peltries, a large quantity of dry meat and tallow held a Council and made a Present of 10 lbs powder 15 lbs Ball, 1 Kegg of mixed Whisky.

Saturday the 26th, they were preparing to move, when we found they had stolen a foot Adze and a handsaw, by giving a Hand Kerchief to the Chief he promised to return them we got the Adge but not the Saw, when they were gone we found our table Knives and the Door of a ?large? ahd also departed at 2 P.M. our hunters came in with 4 Buffaloes, they had left Immel with one Man to trap Beaver.

Sunday the 27th nothing remarkable, Rain, blew a hard Gale and continued so all Night till ---

Monday the 28 in the Morning when it cleared up our Hunters went out for Meat, and in the afternoon about 40 Sioux arrived to trade, in the Evening a hard thunder Storm --

Tuesday the 29th had cleared up, began to trade they had not much peltry, at 9 A.M. the Indians crossed again,

Wednesday the 30th clear and fresh at 2 P.M. our hunters came in with the Meat of 3 Cows 2 Deer, 2 Beaver and Beaver meat, Immel having caught 14 Beaver.

Thursday the 1st of October, at Sunrise we had to cross a band of Sioux, accompanied by Nez Corbain and another Chief called Boite about 40 in Number they traded and returned at noon satisfied, in the afternoon 7 Men started up the River with the Mackina Boat to hunt Buffaloe, and Immel came home with 15 Beaver 1 Otter and 2 Muskrats, wind blew very hard from N.W. and the Boat returned.

Friday the 2d the Boat went again early in the Morning the wind arose from the same quarter they stopped at the first point above, four Rees came to fort.

Saturday the 3, clear and cold had white frost this Morning Majet and all hands employed to cut Picketts, at Sunset 2 Mandans arrived with the sad news of the Big white and Little Crow 130 being Killed by the Bigbellies and 3 Mandans wounded, the Bigbellies had 11 Men Killed and a Number wounded, at night Charbonneau, Jessaume returned and brought with them 3 of the horses which had been stolen by the Mandans and not Bigbellies as supposed a lesson to take care of our property, no matter friend or Enemy.

Sunday the 4th the Mandans went to the Rees accompanied by 3 Rees fine weather.

Monday the 5th Immel went to the Village with Mr. Manuel returned in the Evening they were informed the Sioux had stolen 3 horses from us in the night of the 3d instant and by examination we found one of the Company's, one of Goshe, and one of Charbonneau gone.

Tuesday the 6th last night the Dogs made alarm we went patrolling and some whistling of Men, but found in the Morning our horses safe, raised the right wing of the out houses and Kept our horses housed.

Wednesday the 7th fine warm weather all hands to cut Pickets a beautiful Day for the Season nothing remarkable ----

Thursday the 8th this Morning 2 horses were stolen in sight of the house, distance 150 steps the Men who had to take care of the horses went to his Breakfast and returned the horses were gone.

Friday the 9th clear and fine weather, in the afternoon 4 Rees arrived to give us Notice that their Corn was gathered and ready for trade. Charbonneau & Jessaume Keep us in Constant uproar with their Histories wild story telling and wish to make fear among the Engagees, these two Rascals ought to be hung for their perfidy, they do more harm than good to the American Government, stir up the Indians and pretend to be friends to the white People at the same time but we find them to be our Enemies.

Saturday the 10, fine weather, the Rees went home Garrows Wife a Ree Sister to the Chief Goshe, came to fort last night, this Morning she was going to shoot her husband, she came here with that Intention, some Rees arrived which were enraged against Charbonneau & Jessaume, having of their arrival from the Bigbellies they said that C. & J. were Lyars and not to be considered as good French men, and if Mr. Manuel Lisa would send them to the Grosventer with a pipe they would not consent such Credit have these Men amongst the Indians they find their Character gone and try every Scheme, to Keep themselves alive like a Man a Drowning, I shall leave them for a while, and go on with my Observations.

Sunday the 11th Immel and others went with the Boat to the Ree Village to take Corn, late last Evening the Boat and hunters arrived with a fine Canoe of Meat they had Killed 19 Cows and 4 Elk, but lost the meat of 7 Cows by the Wolves. There are incredible quantities of Wolves in these parts, they go in gangs of 3 to 400 and at Nights the Prairies echo with their howling by nothing of this Kind can prevent the Savage of his favorite walk, to Kill and steal at night, this Day finished our New Provision Store, and go on with the other houses, the Horses are Kept under Lock and we fear no Lurking Savage.

Monday the 12th we had frost last night, the Vessels full of Ice clear and cold Morning, but calm and warm in the afternoon cloudy evening.

Tuesday the 13, white frost, cloudy, this Morning our Cart man was attacked by 5 Wolves, but cleared himself Immel returned, the Rees will not trade Corn with us.

Wednesday the 14th, fine clear weather, 4 Men went out to hunt, some Rees arrived to trade a little Corn and a Girl the first was traded, but the last not, she wanted to be the Wife of Frenchman, and not his concubine, --- Chastity, --- got this Day 21 Chickins.

Thursday the 15, This Morning Immel, Papin and Charbonneau started for the Grosventer, Mr. M. Lisa having engaged Charbonneau for some good Reasons at 8 A.M. a Band of Chajennes about 12 Lodges arrived their Chief named Lessaroco, they had plenty Women & Children and a great Number of Dogs, traded some Beaver, and about50 Bushels of Corn.

Friday the 16th, clear and warm, the Chajennes went off they behaved very well. traded tranquil and in the afternoon 2 young Men brought our Hogs back which had followed them.

Saturday the 17, cloudy, Majet and hands crossed the River for Picketts, in the afternoon some Rees arrived, traded 6 Beaver and some Corn.

Sunday the 18, cloudy & cold, Boat went for Picketts again.

Monday the 19 the same as yesterday.

Tuesday the 20, snowstorm, at 3 P.M. Goshe arrived with 4 Chajennes of a large band, they came to inform themselves how we traded, and observe we had not Goods enough for their Peltries, we shall see when they come.

Wednesday the 21st cold and cloudy, this Morning the Chajennes went off and Goshe remained, at noon 2 of our hunters came in with Meat of 2 Cows.

Thursday the 22d clear and cold, the 2 hunters went out again, commenced the Stockade of the fort.

Friday the 23 clear and cold had 3 Kittens this Day.

Saturday the 24 clear and cold after Dinner our Heroes arrived from the Bigbellies, they brought a Pipe and 3 Bladder for the Rees, their Mission had been successful and all Differences existing between them and the whites settled at the same time our hunters arrived with Meat of 2 Cows. They had Killed 7 and caught 20 Beaver 1 Otter 2 Muskrats and Killed 2 Wolves.

Sunday the 25, clear and cold nothing to remark.

Monday the 26, the same. Mr. Manuel L. went accompanied by the 2 Interpreters, Papin and 3 Men to the Ree Village with the Pipe of the Bigbellies.

Tuesday the 27 clear and cold hunters went with 7 Horses but returned in the Evening, having seen some Lurking Savages. Mr. M. L. returned from the Village successful.

Wednesday the 28th clear and moderate warm, our hunter took an early start across the River with 6 Horses. At Evening 4 Rees and 1 Mandan came to the fort from the Mandans, they informed the brother of Legrand 131 had died of his wounds, received in the Battle with the Bigbellies.

Thursday the 29th clear and warm, finished writing and at 11 A.M. Lajoie 132 and Gogal 133 two Engagees set sail in a Canoe for St. Louis, with a few Peltries, ect.., ect... cloudy Evening at 11 P.M. Goshe and Legross with 4 Warriors came to fort with a Pipe for the Bigbellies.

Friday the 30th Charbonneau and the 4 Warriors marched off to the Bigbellies, our hunters returned with Meat of 2 Cows, they had met plenty but very wild and could not Kill.

Saturday the 31st Snow this Morning, cleared up at noon and had fine weather, nothing to remark.

Sunday, November 1, frost last Night, cold and clear several Rees came to the fort, Woahl 134 and Chaine 135 returned from trapping, they brought 53 Beaver 1 Otter 5 Muskrats 2 Wolves 2 Mink 20 Foxes 7 Elk Skins.

Monday the 2d, cloudy and hard Gales from West a hunting party was prepared to go up the River in the Boat, but blowing to hard were prevented.

Tuesday the 3d clear and cold the Boat started with 12 Men at 8 A.M. in the afternoon a Partizan / Camerad 136 of Mr. M. L. of the Sioux / Saunies / arrived with 19 Men, they wanted absolutely Mr. Manuel Lisa to go with them to their hunting ground and trade very hard Gales and cloudy Evening late in the Evening Gray head a Mandan Chief came to the fort with his family

Wednesday the 4th cloudy and Snow Squalls Mr. M. L. wished to follow the Boat by Land was prevented by the Sioux, they were not willing to go home in the Evening several Rees and 3 Mandans arrived

Thursday the 5th Snow storms all last night until 8 this Morning when it cleared up, cold weather

Friday the 6th clear and cold, much Ice in the River the Sioux went off this Morning across the River fearing to go on this Side of the Rees, Gray head, Rees and Mandan started also, and Garrow the Interpreter left the fort with his Wife, on Account of a quarrel between his Wife and Bapiste Provost 137.

Saturday the 7th Baptiste Provost was turned out the fort Immel went to hunt with 3 Men and 6 Horses, at 11 A.M. Langue de Buche a Ree Chief and his party arrived engaged Pierre Chaine to hunt for the fort in the place of Baptiste Provost, the River full of Ice, clear and cold.

Sunday the 8th Langue de Bache 138 and party went off to make his Camp for winter about 6 miles above the fort 139, at 2 P.M. Immel returned with Meat of 4 Buffaloe several Rees at the fort, clear and cold.

Monday the 9th, cloudy and moderate, snow fell in the afternoon nothing remarkable.

Tuesday the 10th, snowed all night, cleared up about 8 oclock in the Morning, moderate, Immel went out again to hunt with the same Men, Buffalos in Sight some Rees arrived

Wednesday the 11 clear and moderate, nothing remarkable.

Thursday the 12, cloudy 3 Rees which had camped with us last night went away displeased getting not enough to eat and set the Prairie around us a fire, Immel returned with 5 Cows.

Friday the 13th Papin and 1 Man went to the Village, to try to get the Rees to make a great Hunt for us. Mr. Manuel promised 20 Loads Powder and Ball for each Cow the Buffaloe being very hear and plenty. Charbonneau returned in the afternoon from the Bigbellies and four of their head Men with him, the Chief Cheveux Loup and 3 others, some Rees and a Chajenne Chief Papilliar arrived in the Evening with the news the Chajenne were close be and came to trade, traded 2 Beaver.

Saturday the 14th, cloudy and cold, Papin returned with -- tidings that the Rees were preparing to make war on us. Baptiste Provost and Garrow had told them many Lies and roused the Chiefs and Nation against us, which proved to be fact, we found this that 6 of our Horses stolen, 2 Rees arrived to sound us if we were inclined for War, the Chajenne Chief went to the Village.

Sunday the 15th This Morning, Immel Papin and Charbonneau left this for the Village, with the Bigbellies and 3 Rees, to see into the Misconduct of those fellows and try to settle amicable, the Rees which remained at fort, seemed tranquil and content, we stopt all Work cleared the fort, and prepared for Defense in Case of Necessity, sent Pierre Chaine & Pointsablr 140 to the Camp Langue de Buche, to hear some news of the stolen horses.

Monday the 16, last Night Pierre Chaine returned and informed that the horses had been stolen by the Rees, by the Order of Garrow and were at the hunting Camp of Grey Eye, Langue de Buche arrived this Morning with 8 Men going to the Village he promised to deliver the horses in three Days, and requested Mr. M.L. to be tranquil, Matters would be settled, -- traded some Meat and 1 white Bear Skin of them -- at 4 P.M. our Deputies returned with the Bigbellies accompanied by Goshe and Plume d'aigle, Garrow and many other Rees, to arrange the Difficulties which had arisen, all was thrown on the Shoulders of Baptiste Provost.

Tuesday the 17th fine weather, clear and warm, held Council and finished with Peace, two of our horses were brought in this Morning, finished the Enclosure of the fort.

Wednesday the 18, fine weather, and tranquility restored the Bigbellies requested a trader and being promised one, left this for their Village, as also the Rees very well satisfied, another horse was brought in, Pierre Chaine and 2 Men went over the River hunting buffaloe and Elk in Sight.

Thursday the 19th clear and warm little Ice in the River at four o'clock in the after noon hung the great Door of the Entrance of the fort, which ceremony was saluted by 7 Guns and 3 rounds of Musketry, made the Tour -- around the Fort and Baptized the same FORT MANUEL. 141. In the Evening a good Supper and a cheerful glass of Whiskey was given to the Men, and a Dance at which all the Ladies then in the fort attended, concluded the Day, Garrow brought his family to fort again and traded of the Rees a horse which had been stolen of the Company last year by the Sioux.---

Friday the 20th, clear and cold, had a Deer Killed, nothing remarkable happened.

Saturday the 21, cloudy Morning, cleared up at noon Immel & Papin went to the hunting Camp of Gray Eye, to get if possible the Remainder of the stolen Horses. Legross came to the Fort with Baptist Provost to explain his Conduct and be taken in favor again. Provost was not permitted to enter, they blamed Garrow for all the Mischief which had been done, but went off without Success, Immel returned with only our Running Mare the other 2 horses they the Indians had sent to the Village loaded with Meat, the horses returned were all ruined and their Backs very soar, the Chajenne Chief returned from the Village.

Sunday the 22d Morning clear and moderate, the Chajenne Chief went to his Village, in the Evening out hunters came to fort, they had Killed only 1 Cow and 1 Deer and found very few Buffaloe, evening cold.

Monday the 23d Snow in the Morning, having been informed, the Saunie, Sioux had arrived with about 150 Lodges at the Rees, Charbonneau and Garrow set off for the Ree Village, to Know if they the Sioux had any thing to trade. Mr M. L., Immel and Chain went to a band of Chajennes which were camped about 5 Miles above 142 the fort, with the same intention but returned shortly afterwards, having met with one Chief and 2 Partizans coming to pay us a Visit, and in form themselves how we traded, cleared up at noon pretty cold, wind North, plenty Ice in the River, this Day crossed our horses to the other Side.

Tuesday the 24th clear and very cold, Garrow & Charbonneau returned from the Sioux, with News that they had nothing to trade but Meat; the Chajennes went to their Camp, and promised to come to trade with what they had, five Rees arrived at fort.

Wednesday the 25th hard frost last night, and cloudy. hauled the Boats out of the Ice, this Evening a Number of Rees came to the fort to camp.

Thursday the 26th, moderate and cloudy, the Rees went off, and our hunters started with 8 horses, at noon the Chajennes arrived with 26 Lodges and made their camp at the Point above us, 5 of their Chiefs came to the fort. they have a vast quantity of horses and Dogs. Rain.

Friday the 27th Snow in the Morning and cold, plenty Chajenne in the fort, they invited Mr. Manuel to a feast, to which he and Immel went, Grey Eye brought the last stolen horses, traded some Beaver.

Saturday the 28th last Night the River closed, moderate and clear, plenty Visitors, but no trading. --

Sunday the 29th cloudy and cold, traded some Beaver, Robes etc. ect..

Monday the 30th, cloudy and cold, traded again one of our hunters came in with the Meat of 2 Cows were informed by the Rees that Mercier, Lachapel and Carriere were Killed by the Sioux, these 3 Men were trapping about the Big Bend.

Thursday the 1st of December, cloudy and very cold. traded little, the Chajennes informed us that 2 very large Bands of their Nation where camped above them, which would also come to trade.

Wednesday the 2d several Mandans arrived and demanded a trader, Pierre Chaine brought in 1 Cow.

Thursday the 3d, cloudy and very cold, Immel and 3 Men went out hunting.

Friday the 4th, cloudy and cold, Pierre Chaine and 1 Man went out spying for Buffaloe, the Chajenne Chief (Medicine Man) brought us 1 Cow, round, the 5 Chiefs received a small present and were well satisfied with our treatment, I wished to Know their Name, but would only learn, besides the one named above one more, which was named the Poor Little Wolf. --

Saturday the 5th Pierre Chaine sent in this Morning for horses, he had Killed 4 Cows, fine clear and cold weather the Meat of Chaine and Immel with Meat of 2 Cows arrived in the Evening.

Sunday the 6th, clear and cold. Mr. Manuel L. went on a Hunting Party with the Chajennes, there being 1000 of Buffaloe opposite, returned at noon and had Killed 12 Woahl also brought in one Cow, Baptiste Provost came to the fort again, Mr. Manuel having pardoned him by information received, that it was not all together his fault, Goshe and many Rees arrived.

Monday the 7th cold and cloudy, nothing remarkable.

Tuesday the 8. the same as yesterday.

Wednesday the 9th clear and fine moderate weather Baptiste and 5 Men went out hunting, Goshe to his Village.

Thursday the 10th clear as yesterday, nothing remarkable.

Friday the 11th the same, the Chajennes left us to camp and hunt at the fourth Point above us, we had traded with them 75 Beaver, 2 Muskrats, 4 dressed Buff. Skins, 7 white Bear, 10 Robes, 5 Otter, 3 Foxes, 1 wildCat 450 pair of Moccassins a quantity of tongues and some Meat.

Saturday the 12, cloudy, opposite the fort the Prairie is covered with Buffaloe, Baptiste and Men arrived this Morning had Killed 4 Cows and 2 Bulls, in the afternoon, Baptiste, Antoine alias Machecou 144, arrived express from Mr. Lewis and brought the displeasing news, that the hunters which were equipped by the Company and which had been on the Spanish Waters trapping, had been robbed by the Crows, one of them Danis 145 was Killed by some Indian supposed Grosventres, the Day Messrs. Lewis & Lorinier arrived at the little Horn River, Machecou departed from the Little Horn River in Company with Duroche 146, but unfortunately separated 2 days in a Snow Storm, Duroche has the Letters of Messrs Lewis and Lorimier.

Sunday the 13th cloudy, some Rees of whom we have always plenty in the fort / went over the River hunting in the afternoon.

Cadet Chevalier 147 arrived express from Me. Charles Sanguinette with a letter dated the 3d instant in the Prairie on his Return from the Arepaos 148, in which he confirmed the sad News of the hunters, he found none and was informed by the Areapos, that 3 of them were Killed by the Blackfeet, supposed Champlain 149 and 2 others, Lafargue 150 and 5 others had run off to the -- Spaniards, 8 of them had gone to the Crows which now are with mr. Lewis, and 3 or 4 others they knew nothing at all, they the hunters had much Beaver some cached and the Remainder plundered with all other things. Mr. Sangunette requested 2 Men to meet him to transport a parcel of horses, which he had traded with the Arepaos, the Rees brought in 2 Cows they had Killed 3 had to leave the Meat having no horses, more Rees arrived from the Village.

Monday the 14th Baptieste and some Men went out to hunt, plenty Buffaloe about, prepared an Equipment for Immel, who was to go to the Mandan for to trade at 2 P.M. Machecou, Cadet and Colla Glineau 151 went to Meet Mr. Sanguinette

Tuesday the 15th fine clear weather, Buffaloe constant in the Prairie, Immel and 3 Men went with 2 Sleighs on the River to the Mandans, had Informed that about 80 Lodges of Sioux had arrived with the Rees and still more expected. Garrow went to the Village to invite them again to a general hunting Party all Rees started only One Man remaining, no News of Duroche.

Wednesday the 16th at 1 in the Morning Garrow returned with the News that the Rees were willing to come if their critical situation with the Sioux would allow it they had quarreled together and expected to fight a Battle to Day, the Sioux wanted to force and go past the Rees, and Camp higher and nearer to us, which the Rees opposed on Account of the Buffaloe, the Rees came and told us a dreadful History which they had been informed by the Sioux, as they say, that the Sioux had Killed Bijou, and plundered the trading house and were singing the Chevalier 152 the French, and that they would come to our fort and do the same, if we would not come to their own terms trading, and in Regard to their Histories Mr. Manuel resolved immediately to write a Letter to Bijou and sent it express by a Sioux promising a horse if an answer should be brought to the Letter, at 11 A.M. Papin went off with the Letter. Bapteste sent in Meat of 8 Cows, and the Men returned to the hunting Camp, at Sunset Duroehe made his Appearance with the Letters of Lewis & Lorimier which gave some Satisfaction from their quarters they had by hunting 12 Pack of Beaver in Store, and purchased ten for their Use. At 11 o'clock P.M. Papin returned, the Sioux had taken the Letter and promised to deliver an Answer, which our hopes that that the News of Bijou's Death was not true.

Thursday the 17th fine moderate weather, in the Evening a party of Rees arrived and camped in the fort.

Friday the 18th fine moderate weather, and indeed considering the Season so far advanced is like Spring; we have but very little snow and of late moderate so that any Work out of doors may be done, at 1 o'clock P.M. we received 2 horse Loads of Meat say 2 Cows, at 6 P.M. Goshe, Legross and several Rees came to fort, to make a hunting party Mr. Manuel having promised a horse to each Chief 4 in Number, when our horses would arrive.

Saturday the 19th fine clear weather, and hard wind all Day, no hunting party of Chajenne arrived from the upper Band with one Chief going to the Rees.

Sunday the 20th, clear and moderate, our hunters say Rees went out and Killed 20 Cows head and foot was received them Evening, purchased a fine Dog of the Chajennes, this Evening the Wife of Charbonneau a Snake 153 Squaw 154, died of a putrid fever she was a good and best Woman in the fort, aged about 25 years she left a fine infant girl.

Monday the 21st, clear and moderate, paid off our Indian hunters, and they left fort together with the Chajennes for their Village in the Evening, several Rees came from the Mandans, and told us that Immel coming also from the Mandans had been robbed and whipped by the Band of Chajennes at the River Bullet 155.

Tuesday the 22d fine weather, Garrow and Papin went off early in the Morning to meet Immel, at 10 o'clock A.M. Immel arrived and the History of the Indians -- proved to be a lie, it was true that he had a quarrel with the Chajennes, by refusing them their Demands which he could not comply with, but they did forbear being only a few to do harm, seeing him on his Guard at noon the Sleigh arrived as also 15 Mandans with them, in the afternoon the three Men which were sent by Mr. M. L. to meet Sanguineete returned without finding him, they found a track of a party of Indians and were afraid to march forward.

Wednesday the 23d fine weather, the Mandans set off for the Rees several Rees arrived in the afternoon, all tranquil and happy in situation.

Thursday the 24th clear and hard wind but moderate the Rees went off again gave 30lb flour and 30lb Tallow to the Boys for regaling themselves tomorrow, in the afternoon the Chajennes Chief returned from the Village he had heard of the Affair of his Village with Immel, he was very sorry fired his Gun backward on entering the house and promised to see every thing arranged to our Satisfaction, this Evening the Boys had a treat of Whisky and made merry fired 3 Guns at Sunset in honor of the approaching night.

Friday the 25th fine moderate weather, indeed it looked more like Easter, than Christmas, were roused by a Salute last Night some Indians were lurking about the fort, and some Men stood guard in the Bastion they saw some thing in the Dark, fired and had Killed an Indian Dog, taking him to be an Indian the Chejennes were afraight to go to their Village and requested a guard, Six Volunteer offered immediately and escorted them untill out of Danger.

Saturday the 26th, at four o'clock in the Morning Messrs. M. Lisa, Immel and four Men went to the Sioux, to sound their Sentiments, in the afternoon a party of Mandans arrived at fort with several Rees, and at Sundown our party from the Sioux, they rejected our friendship and will trade as they please, or plunder, fine weather.

Sunday the 27th the weather continuing fine, the Mandans went to their Village, Mr. M. L. sent Jolla Glineau along with them, to carry some more Articles to our trader.

Monday the 28th fine weather, made up Equipment for Charbonneau and Woahl to go and trade with the Bigbellies, Baptiste went hunting Killed a Calf.

Tuesday the 29th Charbonneau and Woahl set off for their Station 2 Men and 4 horses, in the afternoon we had the pleasure to receive and Answer to the Letter sent to Bijou, to the greatest Satisfaction of Mr. M. L., Bijou having traded very well more than expected, Antoine Citoleux 156 had started with the Indian from below but would not Keep up walking with him the three which were reported to be Killed were with him, and proved another made History of the Rees.

Wednesday the 30, fine weather the Sioux went off with their pay a horse and 2 Carrots Tobacco.

Thursday the 31st Rain this Morning, nothing remarkable at Sunset saluted the exile year, the Boys and Whisky and a Dance, all Cares and troubles were forgotten and drowned in oblivion and so concluded again a year with, I may say, a cheerful night.


January the 1st, The new year was ushered in by firing a Salute and paying the Complement of the Season, every One seemed rejoiced of having lived to see another year, fine moderate weather in the Evening several Rees arrived, they brought a Present for Mr. Manuel, but he would not accept it, I took it and paid pretty high.

Saturday the 2d fine weather and fresh, nothing to remark,

Sunday the 3d fine weather as yesterday, at noon Goshe and a party of Rees arrived, carrying a Pipe to the Chajennes, and came to Council with Mr. M. L. on that Subject.

Monday the 4th fine weather, Goshe went off Cadet Chevalier paid the Dept of Nature at noon he died of a putrid feaver.

Tuesday the 5th fine weather and moderate, in the afternoon Antoine Citoleux arrived, in the Evening a Band of Rees headed by Plume D'aigle arrived, carrying a Pipe to Mandans.

Wednesday the 6th the same weather as yesterday the Rees left us and Directly after I found they had stolen our only he Cat TOM, Baptiste went hunting at noon Sanguinette, Latour 157 and Large 158 arrived they had left their horses 31 in Number at the little Chajenne fork 159, prepared for an Expedition to the little Horn. wrote Letters to Lewis & Lorimier, in the afternoon Baptiste brought in the Meat of 3 Cows, cloudy evening.

Thursday the 7th at 4 o'clock in the Morning, Duroche, Machesou and Fouche 160 left the fort with 3 horses loaded with Tobacco and Powder for to go to the little Horn to Mr. Lewis, cloudy and windy many Rees passed by, at 3 P.M. we saw to our Surprise the Men which had started this Morning for the little Horn, returning, they reported, they had seed something like Men and got scared, they would not go on, returned the Goods, but Kept their Equipments for the Voyage which made their tale doubtful, and it seemed they had had no Idea to go, and cheat the Company out of their Goods. Goshe returned from the Chajennes stayed at night.

Friday the 8, Immel went early this Morning with 6 Men after the horses which Sanguinette had left, the Indians Killed 6 Cows for us, and our hunter 2 Bulls and 1 Deer, the Meat of the Bulls is not good and it is only to have the Hides for covering, cloudy and cold.

Saturday the 9th hard wind from N.W. rain and Squally all Day, Cleared up in the Evening and cold.

Sunday the 10th fine cold weather, nothing to remark.

Monday the 11th fine and moderate, " " "

Tuesday the 12th, the same " " " "

Wednesday the 13 the same, the Indians Killed 3 Cows towards evening had a Bull chase on the Ice, the poor Animal when found he was pursued, fell several times, and at last tired could not get up, -- surrounded by many he awaited his fate patiently cold and cloudy.

Thursday the 14th cloudy and moderate, Indian Killed 1 Cow a party Mandans camped at fort.

Friday the 15th the Present I received the 1st instant I had to throw away to the Damage of 114 Dollars on my Side a Lesson I shall not soon forget, in Evening a party of Chajennes came to fort, carrying a Pipe to the Rees and Sioux, some snow fell, but moderate.

Saturday the 16, fine moderate weather, snow melted away, I took a Walk across the River where two of our Men are cutting firewood, I never saw a finer Spot for Cultivation, a fine timbered bottom and a beautiful Prairie late in the Evening two Rees stopped and told us that the Sioux had commenced war on them and had Killed a Young Man in their own Village.

Sunday 17th fine weather, plenty Indians passing by.

Monday the 18th fine moderate weather, in the afternoon the Chajennes returned, the Rees were preparing to war and summoned all Men which were absent from the Village, at Evening a large party of Women and Children took refuge in the fort, to sleep in Security they were lodged just above us in 5 Lodges, and the Men all absent.

Tuesday the 19th hard wind and cold, at 8 A.M. Immel & party Arrived with the Indians in the afternoon a party of Sioux with the Chief Crooked Hand Arrived with the American Standard flying before them they said they were going to the Chajennes to smoke which was a falsehood, when we first saw the Rees run to and fro, crying the Sioux come to Kill, and made a terrible noise, We traded 32 Robes, 20 Beaver, 5 Otter, they went off at their favorite time, at 9 o'clock at night, plenty Rees at the fort.

Wednesday the 20th hard wind & cloudy all the Rees went to their Village except 2 hunters and their families.

Thursday the 21st the wind and weather as yesterday Latour, Machecou, Duroche and Joseph Laderoute 161 were ordered out of the fort, they had made a ?compliant? against the adopted Principles of the Company Mr. Manuel tried every way to get them in Employment but they would neither engage nor hunt nor pay their Debts, Latour had brought 4 horses from the Arepaos Mr. Manuel wanted to buy them against his Debt, NO, he offered 300 Dollars wages per year to hunt for the forts or be otherwise employed, they refused, they only wanted to get the necessaries, and Equipments to squander away, and set by the fireside at ease eat our Provisions, take out of store when pleased and let the Company go Destruction, their Character is throughout vicious and Dangerous, the Company looses considerable by them, say about 4000 Dollars, Laderoute wanted to take a girl which Immel had given him, and Immel would not permit her to go in the Situation she was in, high pregnant, but Laderoute wanted to take her by force like a Brute without nourishment and cold Season, the dispute ended by both remaining, one of the Indian hunters got displeased, on Account we would give him no meat for his family, he sold us each Cow for 3 dollars and then wanted to eat the Meat, avaricious design, last night we saw plenty fires opposite side which included us to believe that the Sioux and fought with the Chajennes made up an Equipment for Mahas poncas ect.. ect...

Friday the 22d last Night Laderoute's Girl had a little Girl, cold and cloudy.

Saturday the 23d, cold and cloudy, our hunters went out returned with the Meat of 3 Cows, the news from this day was that a Sioux Chief was Killed by the Rees, and a Ree Woman by the Sioux.

Sunday the 24th snow and cold, this Day sent the 4 horses promised to Ree Chief for make a hunt.

Monday the 25th clear and cold, nothing to remark.

Tuesday the 26 cloudy and cold, this Evening the Men who guarded the horses found two missing supposed to be stolen by Langus de Buche.

Wednesday the 27th clear and cold Sanguinette and a party went hunting, Immel, Papin and another party went to Langue de Bache, which as suspected, had been the Case as were informed that his party had stolen the horses, they returned in afternoon in several parties, one party found and Indian who had stolen a horse this Day close to the fort of Colla Citoleux, and Immel seeing another Savage stealing the Way of him suspected some thing wrong, made up to him, and found the running Mare of Mr. M. L. thus were tow more horses rescued their report was that they had found no horses nor Langue de Buche he himself was gone to the Chajennes probably to trade then away for Meat.

Thursday the 28th Mr Manuel L. and 12 Men went to the Camp of Langue de Buche, to demand the horses, on their arrival they took possession of the Indian fort and made some sham prisoners, they did not find the horses and were told they the horses were out hunting, the Indians began to make overtures and begged, promised to return the horses to fort. Mr. Manuel pitied them and left one Man to receive the horses, who returned in the Evening Mr. M & party arriving at noon with only one horse which belonged to Jessaume, the other not given up, this Day fine clear and cold weather.

Friday the 29th, cloudy in the Morning, cold and Snow Squalls, last night Laderoute and his girl deserted through one of the port holes in the Bastion Garrow went to the Village to see how the Rees were situated, he returned late at night and told the Goshe and his Band wished to come and live at the point above us if we would sent horses to carry their Luggage, Indians and hunters went out to Day but Killed nothing.

Saturday the 30th clear but very cold, the hunters went out again but returned the weather being too severe.

Sunday the 31st, moderate and clear, Immel, Sanguinette and four Men with 20 horses started for the Village, to bring the Rees this Day our hunters Killed 4 Cows.

Monday the 1st of Febry, clear and fine moderate weather, in the afternoon Immel and party with Goshe and 4 Lodges of his Band arrived, but instead of camping at point took their Lodgings in the fort, hunters were out again to Day and Killed 3 Cows and 2 deer. ---

Tuesday the 2d, fine weather, nothing remarkable.

Wednesday the 3d the same, the Rees went out hunting and in the absence of the Men the Women began to quarrel among themselves, and left the fort sack and pack, there being 5 Lodges of wood at the point they went there, but returned about 10 o'clock in the night, being afraid of the Sioux, three Indians came to fort with 4 Cows, the remaining camped out.

Thursday the 4th fine weather and warm, the 2 stolen horses were brought in, Goshe and his hunting party returned they had Killed 7 Cows. At 4 P.M. 12 Soldiers of the Band of Goshe arrived, thawed very much and plenty on the Ice.

Friday the 5th, clear and moderate, the Men which came yesterday belonging to Goeshe's Band went off again to the Village to bring their families, at noon became cloudy and heavy Squalls towards evening a young man of the Bigbellies of which we had two familes in the fort went out hunting on foot for some deer or Elk, and about 8 o'clock P.M. we heard the Cry TO ARMS and two guns fired at the same time which proved to be out of the fort, opening the Door of the fort we found the above Young Man breathing his last, we found him shot in the Belly and Breast his hunt laid a little ways off, he had Killed and Elk and brought only the Calf, a favorite Dish with the Indians we expected a Return and Kept Guards, the Sioux were perpetrators of this Act, he died 1 hour after, blew a hard gale all night.

Saturday the 6th the wind continuing blowing very hard found 2 Arrows in the fort which had been thrown through the Crevices of the Pickets, the arrows found were of the Sioux Nation, and had been leveled perhaps at some of us, a singular Circumstance happened the Day before with the same young fellow who was killed, he quarrelled with a women the wife of a Mandan in the fort, and was going to Kill her, when her husband who was absent at the time of the quarrel, arrived and being informed what had passed, went to him if you want to fight, do it with the men and not women come out and measure your Bow with mine but proved coward, next day he met his fate at 2 P.M. our hunters brought in 5 Cows 2 Calfs, a fine afternoon, late at Evening Le Gross arrived at the fort from the Chajennes, he reported they made plenty Robes, and would come to trade in the Spring.

Sunday the 7th disagreeable and snowing, Immel, Sanguinette, Gilneau and Lange went with 8 horses to the Mandans to fetch the Peltries traded with that Nation, Le Gross with all Bravos which were in the fort amounting to 26 to the Village, I made a Census of the Indians remaining in the fort and found 65 souls left most Women and Children -- -- in the afternoon 2 more Lodges, fine afternoon.

Monday the 8 fine clear weather nothing remarkable.

Tuesday the 9th the same.

Wednesday the 10 the same but hard wind Killed 1 Elk.

Thursday the 11th cloudy and hard winds, cleared up in the afternoon, at 9 o'clock in the Evening we heard several guns firing, and directly afterwards 3 Rees young men arrived, who had run away from a fray which they and with the Sioux, they reported that 4 of them were Killed, all Indians in the fort in uproar we watched all night, but nothing occurred.

Friday the 12, clear and cold, the refugees reported last evening that the Son of Goshe, with 2 young Men and 1 Woman was Killed, Goshe started, Mr Manuel L. gave him a Blanket and Vermillion and 30 Loads of Powder & Ball to cover the Corps as customary with the Indians, at 10 A.M. the party returned they had found but 2 Corps of Men and 1 Woman, a Child which the Woman had was taken prisoner and the son of Goshe had found blind as he is the way in the woods to hid himself, they found him laying among the Brushes, when he heard himself discovered, cried out who is there and finding his friends was rejoiced Goshe gave him the Blanket ect.. ect.. and sent him off in the afternoon 10 Chajenne Chiefs Arrived and about 150 Rees to go to the Chajennes for Meat.

Saturday the 13th the Chajenne Chief went away seemingly satisfied and the Rees with them Mr. Manuel Lisa gave 5 Carrots 4 Twist Tobacco 3 lbs Powder and 6 lbs Ball as a present, at 2 P.M. Immel and his party returned form the Mandans with Peltries at 4 P.M. about 15 or 60 Rees arrived from the Village with Plume D'aigle to bury as they said their slain brethren -- fine weather and moderate.

Sunday the 14th, cloudy and snow squalls, the Reed went off.

Monday the 15, cloudy and cold, the Rees returned from the Chajennes.

Tuesday the 16th clear and cold, all the Rees which had hitherto stayed in the fort went off to their Village being advised by the Chajennes to Leave the fort, only 5 Women and 2 Girls remaining, cloudy evening.

Wednesday, the 17 cloudy and hard winds nothing to remark.

Thursday the 18, clear and very cold, Killed 2 Deer.

Friday the 19 same as yesterday, nothing to remark.

Saturday the 20 cloudy and cold, in afternoon Snow Squalls our Sow brought 17 Dead Pigs, a great loss.

Sunday the 21 clear and cold, this day is the coldest we have had this Winter, at 12 o'clock this Day Charbonneau and 1 Engagee arrived from the Bigbellies, himself and Woahl had traded out of 492 Plus only 168, the Chief named Borne was thrown off by the Nation only 5 Lodges remained with him, and had a separate Village, he persuaded Charbonneau to come with some Powder & ect... ect... to his Village to trade, he went and took 25 lbs of powder and 50 lbs of Ball of which he was robbed off when Charbonneau was informed by the Chief Chrveux De Loup who first Chief among them that 4 or 5 Days after his Arrival from hence in December last, 2 from the N.W. Company had been with them, they came under pretext to trade dressed Buffaloe Skins, and made some Presents to the Chiefs, and began to harangue against the American traders, told them we would give them nothing, but a little powder, and that they the N.W. Company would furnish them with every thing without Pay of they would go to war, and rob and Kill the Americans, this had the desired effect on Borne, and he made several Speeches to that purpose, but being disgraced and not liked he retired without Success, though himself fulfilled his promise to rob, but was afraight to Kill, thus are those Bloodhounds the British constantly employed and do every thing in their Power to annoy and destroy the Americans and their trade, they have nothing to fear on Account and in Respect of our Government, all though in our territories, and in fact our Government does not care to meddle with them, nor how many Citizens are sacrificed by the British influence with the Indians, if there was a fort at the River St. Peters 162 as was promised by Liet. Pike 163 and another in these Parts of the Missouri, it would do infinitely good to hunters and traders, and bring great wealth to the States, but this is out of question, they have a strong Garrison at Bellefontaine, and that is enough, the soldiers parade, eat and drink and spent their time in Idleness, is there any necessity to keep so many idle fellows in a settled Country, they do not even prevent and cannot protect out Settlers about 80 or 90 Miles above, and we have seen outrages committed by the Indians, horrid to relate, there was after the Sheep were destroyed by the Wolves, a small Garrison erected on Salt River 164, Mississippi which will do more good than all Bellefontaine, and if one was to be erected about 500 Leagues up the Missouri it would be very good to Keep the Indians in their Bounds, Provisions are plenty and the other necessaries could be sent by the traders, but it has been frequently the Case, and has been said our Citizens have no Business to go among the Indians to trade but the profits thereof are not considered, and this Branch of Business will never succeed if not protected by Government, to seat of the British Traders.

When Charbonneau passed the Chajennes which are above us about 4 Leagues 165, they warned him to be cautious and take care of his Life that they had discovered 27 Men lurking about, supposing to be the Saunies Sioux, he arrived however without accident.

Monday the 22d fine weather and cold some Buffaloes in Sight, 7 Men went across the River to hunt, and returned about noon, having Killed but 1 Cow, 2 Bulls the weather being to cold, to pursue the Buffaloe, at 1 o'clock 45 Min. P.M. we were alarmed by the Cry TO ARMS, Archambeau 166 is Killed, and by sorting found us surrounded by Indians on all sides, out the reach of our Guns, Archambeau was hauling hay with a Sleigh from the other Side, and just on coming on the River he was shot and Killed Immediately he was a very good Man and had been 6 years on the Missouri, we put ourselves immediately in Defense, and placed two swivels on the Bank of the River, but unfortunately of Balls did not reach across, and those on this Side Kept out of Reach of our fire, and dare not come to an open Attack, their Numbers was between 4 and 500, they took the Scalp and cut him nearly to pieces, they marched off about 4 o'clock, leaving us to lament the Death of a fellow citizen unrevenged, a party of our Men went across to Bring the Croups which they found terrible mangled, they brought 29 Arrows which were sticking in his body and a good many more broken to pieces, his Head broken the Brains scattered about his nose and ears cut off his teeth Knocked out, and more terrible Deeds which I will not express with my Pen. We mustered in the Evening and found ourselves 26 Men strong, selected Guards for the night, divided in 5 Watches, 4 Men in each and 3 in each Bastion, gave the Boys a Draw and every one was in Readiness for defense to the last moment our situation in general is not very lasting at this time menaced by the Sioux, below, and we dare not trust too much the Chajennes above, they have made a vast quanity of Robes and wish to augment the trade we are told and they showed a Horn which they made which holds 40 Loads of Powder, instead of giving 20 Loads for a Plus 167, I hope we will have no Row with them as to the Rees we fear nothing, they are a sett of lying and good for nothing fellows.

Tuesday the 23d passed a quiet night, and our Guards saw nothing, after Breakfast Immel and four Men went out reconnoitering on swift horses, returned at noon and reported they had found the tracks of the war party and judged by the Size of the Road they had made to have about 400, the Road went right across the Hills and the party which was stationed above the fort say about 60 had met them at right angles, about 2 Miles west of the fort, we interred the Remains of our poor fellow Citizen Archambeau, and guarded in the afternoon saw some Buffaloe chased on the other Side, supposed by the same Party, we also saw Dogs on the Ice which returned to the Woods at the point above us, and made us certain there was some hid in the Woods, as also by a track which we found, descending the Coast on our Side 1 Mile below the fort, set guard for the Night had a fine Day but cold and cloudy evening.

Wednesday the 24th passed a tranquil night, but saw some running fires, the Signal of Indians after Battle, 3 Men went to Langue de Buche's Camp to hear of their Situation a fine Day but cold, set all our Dogs our of fort for guard.

Thursday the 25th passed a quiet night, I guarded till 4 o'clock in the morning the 3 Men went out yesterday did not Return, Dogs out guarding, dark and cloudy evening.

Friday the 26th snowed last night and this Morning we are constant watching in our careful Situation, we hear and see nobody from all around us, and are like Prisoners in Deserts to expect every moment our fate.

At 3 o'clock P.M. our 3 Men returned with Machecou, the whites and Indians who camp above us had heard nothing of the fracas which had happened, the Chajennes had the next Day after the affair, 24 horses stolen by the Sioux, undoubtedly the same party who attacked us there Scheme was to plunder the fort, expecting that we would divide and a party would run across the River to rescue the Man which was Killed, and then come between us and plunder and Kill those in the fort. cleared up towards evening and cold.

Saturday the 27th passed another tranquil Night cloudy at Sunrise, cleared up at 8 A.M. cold weather.

Sunday the 28th, Snowed last night and this Morning the most which has fell this Winter about 4 Inches deep, cleared up in the afternoon with cold weather. nothing remarkable these 2 Days past.

Monday the 1st of March, 1813 clear and cold, after dinner Charbonneau and Leclair 168 set off for their Stations at the Bigbellies took some Powder and Ball to complete his Equipment, they were escorted by 5 of our Men, untill he would be out of Danger, at Sunset it began to Snow.

Tuesday the 2d a vast deal of snow had fell last night, but was clear and cold in the Morning, cloudy afternoon, at 2 P.M. 7 Men and 2 Women of the Rees arrived at the fort, the first which made their appearance since Goshe left us, 4 Men 1 Woman went to Langue de Buche the others remained.

Wednesday the 3d, clear and cold, the Indians which arrived yesterday said that the upper Village of the Rees would come this Day to trade, which however proved to be a lie, at noon 7 Rees arrived from above, as also our party which had escorted Charbonneau, with Latour, Machecou, Duroche, and Laderoute 2 Squaws and 3 Children, a party of Men went over the River to out firewood, had a fine warm Day and cloudy evening.

Thursday the 4th last night about 3 inches of snow had fell cloudy and cold Morning, in the afternoon 4 Mandans arrived from their Village on their way to the Rees, no news.

Friday the 5th Snowstorm last night and continued snowing all this Day the Mandans pursued their Route.


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